"The WALL STREET JOURNAL Been Berry, Berry Good To Me."
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October 21, 2006, 05:53 PM
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The Wall Street Journal is touting a study released by the "National Foundation For American Policy" which claims that foreign players are good for baseball.[ Coming to America, Immigrants and Baseball, October 2006, PDF]

People used to laugh when the "Saturday Night Live" character Chico Escuela said: "Baseball been berry, berry good to me." Although Chico, played by Garrett Morris, was supposed to be a Dominican, his limited English and Latin accent made him instantly recognizable as a general caricature of the foreign players sprinkled throughout Major League Baseball.

On the eve of the World Series, the sprinkle has become a solid block. A new study shows that, as of Aug. 31, a whopping 23% of players on active rosters in the majors were foreign born. That`s more than double the percentage as recently as 1990 and about 10 times what it was in the 1920s and `30s.

But you don`t hear Americans complaining about this group of immigrants. And we`re not aware of any U.S.-born hitters accusing the Red Sox home-run champion David Ortiz—or the other Dominican players here on visas—of stealing their job. Of course not. They get it, we all get it: Foreign players been berry, berry good to baseball.
OpinionJournal -Stealing Bases, Not Jobs |Are you cheering for the immigrants in the World Series? Friday, October 20, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

The study they`re talking about is written by immigration enthusiast Stuart Anderson, who we`ve dealt with before, and if he and the WSJ " don`t hear Americans complaining about this group of immigrants," it`s because they`re not reading See

and also

Immigration has advantages and disadvantages in baseball, just like anywhere else. If you`re an American minor leaguer or college player, your chance of getting into the big leagues goes down. If you`re an owner of the Texas Rangers, (as George W. Bush was) your profits go up.

The other point, that U.S.-born hitters aren`t complaining about foreign players taking their jobs, is ridiculous. There`s no free speech in baseball.Have the WSJ`s editors forgotten what happened to John Rocker? I can promise you that players haven`t. In fact, Curt Schilling was condemned just for saying "Baseball been berry, berry good to me," with reference to Sammy Sosa.

No, this is just the same old propaganda , a transparent attempt by the WSJ to use America`s national pastime to push Wall Street`s internationalist agenda.