The <em>English </em> Student?
April 19, 2007, 05:52 AM
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Ann Althouse writes that the Korean student who committed the murders is not setting off a wave of anti-Korean bigotry, and is not even being seen as Korean. (I assume that someone got the Asian American Journalists`s Association memo, and is actually taking it seriously.) But this is going too far:

Meanwhile, I`m not seeing a lot of attention paid to the murderer`s Koreanness. On NPR this morning, they called him "the English student"! Get it? He was an English major, and attention is being paid to his writings — which you can see here. Should we worry about bigotry and retaliation aimed at fiction writers who go in for violent fantasies? Or don`t worry. Go to the movies. May I recommend "Grindhouse"? [Althouse: "My parents are actually worried about retaliation against Asians."]

Shouldn`t some Association of Anglo-American Journalists complain about this? Peter Brimelow was an English student at Stanford, years ago. He was studying business, but he was an English student...oh, never mind.