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The Debate On Twitter—Trump Won With Issues, As VDARE.com Suggested
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October 09, 2016, 07:52 PM
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Ann Coulter said after the last debate that "Trump wins whenever he talks about issues; he loses whenever he talks about himself." VDARE.com said after the VP debate: Why Pence Prevailed–The FUNDAMENTAL STRENGTH Of Trump’s Positions On Immigration And Law And Order.

This time Trump talked about the issues, and prevailed. Below, some of VDARE.com's tweets from the debate:

Trump was asked to apologize to the hateful Khizr Khan, who called him names and shook a Constitution at him:

Hillary actually said "celebrate diversity"

Here's an issue Hillary is interested in, but like all issues, it has a major immigration dimension:

They also talked about refugees. (Also, Hillary said that Muslims had been part of America since its founding.)