The Abolition of "Illegal Immigrant" Documented On Twitter: Disloyal Hispanic Journalists Take Credit For It
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April 03, 2013, 04:42 PM
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This is the Twitter post mentions in her column on the abolition of "illegal immigrant" by the Associated Press:

As Michelle notes

  "@joseiswriting" is Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Washington Post reporter who spearheaded the whitewashing of our language and our laws on behalf of illegal aliens."

See The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Illegal Alien Poster Boy Jose Antonio Vargas—Lawbreaker, Liar, Displacer of American Workers, Treason Lobbyist, Thief  and Michelle`s own column Jose Antonio Vargas And The Insane Folly Of the "Undocumented Immigrant".

is Hispanic marketing executive Charles Garcia [Email him] see my column The Fulford File | Charles Garcia—A Quisling Tries To Put “Illegal Immigrant” Down The Memory Hole.

And Costantini is linking to her own story,  Associated Press Drops `Illegal Immigrant` From Stylebook, April 2, 2013, which is on ABC News Univision. 

Univision is owned by Jorge Ramos, a Mexican national who is extraordinarily white.

Fluent in English himself, he makes his living broadcasting to unassimilated Mexicans immigrants in the US, many of them illegal.

See  Jorge Ramos: Blue-Eyed Boy Of The Treason Lobby by Allan Wall and Univision Anchorman Jorge Ramos Is The Whitest Man This Side Of C-3PO By Steve Sailer.

Cristina Costantini herself is typical of the white Hispanic immigration enthusiast. Costantini [Email her] is not only not Mexican, she`s not even Spanish.

She`s an Italian  of Argentinean antecedents, like the new Pope. She was born in Wisconsin:

 Cristina Costantini, White Argentinean

This didn`t stop calling her their  "Inspiring Latina of the Week." Well, I`m not inspired. What I see is upper-class, disloyal Hispanic journalists campaigning to import lower class illegals—who won`t live in their neighborhoods.

Explain this to AP`s Exceutive Editor Kathleen Carroll.