That LA-MX Billboard: The Rest Of The Story
May 02, 2005, 05:00 AM
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You`ve probably seen a picture of that "Los Angeles, Mexico" billboard for Spanish-language television station KRCA. Now, even Gov. Schwarzenegger has called for it to come down, saying it`s "divisive" and promotes illegal immigration. [See counter-billboard here.]

It won`t come as any surprise to VDARE.COM readers that KRCA-TV is owned by Liberman Broadcasting.

Last September, in "`Win The Green`—Lose The Red, White, And Blue?" VDARE.COM`s Bryanna Bevens roasted Liberman Broadcasting for its reality TV game in which illegal immigrants competed for lawyers` help in getting green cards.

Then I pointed out in "What`s Spanish for `Chutzpah?`" that Liberman had long been notorious for winning one of the most absurd affirmative action tax breaks of all time. It had persuaded the federal government to declare it a Hispanic-owned firm—even thought the owner had been born in Poland. His family was expelled from Spain in 1492.