Should False Flag Hate Hoaxes be Prosecuted as Hate Crimes?
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The large number of fraudulent false flag hate incidents in the news over the last 30 years, which have perhaps crested since the rise of Trump, needs to be combatted on several levels:

1. Raising awareness that Hate Hoaxes are a Thing, a conceptual category that you need to keep in mind when following the news.

2. Shaming the media when it once again credulously falls for yet another Hate Hoax.

3. Demanding institutional punishment, such as expulsion of students who perpetrate false flag hate hoaxes.

4. Prosecuting / punishing for crimes committed, such as vandalism, filing false insurance claims, lying to authorities, etc.

One further question is whether hate crime enhancements should be added to charges.

For example, if you spraypaint “Kilroy was here” on the side of a random wall that doesn’t belong to you, that’s a crime, but not a huge one. On the other hand, if you spraypaint a swastika on the side of a synagogue, hate crime enhancements kick in and you are in bigger trouble with the law.

Many have long argued that hate crime enhancements are a bad idea. But they have generally not won that debate. That being so, shouldn’t false flag hate hoaxes be subject to hate crime laws since a major purpose and/or effect of the action is to inculcate hatred of a particular group, such as whites?

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