Seconding Sailer On Baseball`s Immigrant Typhoid Mary; Italy`s Pesky Italian-ness
August 01, 2010, 06:31 PM
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Because Steve Sailer doesn`t like to talk to editors, as I noted in my introduction to his Obama book, I often monitor his progress towards filing his Sailer on Sunday column by seeing how many blogs he`s posting INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON WHAT HE`S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

This give me the chance to second two particularly interesting recent Sailerblogs and add a little amplification:

The Typhoid Mary of Steroids discussed an academic study quantifying Jose Canseco`s convincing his team mates to use steroids.

I checked, and it turns out that, whaddya know, Canseco is an immigrant, from Cuba. Just sayin`.

"Is Italy Too Italian?" ridiculed a recent New York Times story by David Segal complaining that Italy isn`t gloabalizing and diversifying enough.

Steve commented that he`s been reading this story for 35 years. Here`s an equally funny blog he did on what seems to be the same New York Times story, but with a different writer, Michael Kimmelman, in 2008—NYT: Italy Lagging Lamentably On De-Italianification.

It`s obviously an MSM theme, like Japan`s alleged need to allow immigration.

Breaking news: Steve has filed, so we can start processing tonight`s column!