Libertarians For Minority Statism
April 29, 2011, 05:53 PM
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Over at, Nick Gillespie attacks John Derbyshire`s objections to open borders Libertarian Gary Johnston by using us as a stick to beat him and NR:

"Over at National Review, whose history of immigrant-baiting goes back at least to the days when Brit-born editor John O`Sullivan published anti-immigrants pieces by Peter Brimelow, proprietor of the odious (and cash-strapped) site, John Derbyshire pans libertarian Republican Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who`s running for the GOP presidential nod in 2012."[Pro-Immigration Stances Bedevil Conservatives, American- and Foreign-Born, Nick Gillespie | April 28, 2011]

The words "cash-strapped" should have contained a link to our appeal,  just to prove what he was saying, but they didn`t. Jerk!

In fact, National Review`s "history of immigrant-baiting" is mostly history—a recent item by Lawrence Auster [NRO`s other adult on Islam ] suggests that there are only two adults on NRO, one of whom is Mark Krikorian. Of course, Auster`s standards are impossibly high, but I doubt if he could find even one at Reason. I certainly can`t.

Aside from the usual chatter about "Foreign-born", "Brit-born" conservatives, Gillespie seems totally clueless on the immigration invasion, and also on American politics. Here`s the comical part—he threatens GOP politicians who take the immensely popular patriotic position on immigration, especially illegal immigration, with the loss of libertarian votes!

"It`s enough to note here that if conservatives push immigration as key issue, they will have trouble culling many libertarians to their sides. "

Have you ever counted libertarian votes? Compared to the 70 percent of the American people who support immigration restriction in some form, I suspect GOP politicians can take the loss of the votes of <1 percent of the people, many of whom don`t really believe in voting.

Then Gillespie, [email him] concludes with this

And check out Gustavo Arellano, the "Ask a Mexican" columnist who can legally become president of these United States.[ note: I. E., unlike Brimelow or Derbyshire.] Would that be such a bad thing? I don`t think so. Do you?

Yes, it would be terrible. A far-left minority President who is not loyal to the United States? I know, you probably think America already has one of those, but believe me, a Mexican president would be worse. (If you don`t believe me, ask an actual Mexican.)

For one thing, Obama`s father`s country isn`t just south of the American border. For another, Obama doesn`t consider himself a Kenyan.

What gets me about Gillespie`s position is that Mexican immigrants, like American minority groups, are horrible on libertarian issues. Would a Mexican President respect Second Amendment or property rights? Mexico doesn`t. Mexican-Americans, very largely left-wing Democrats, don`t. Why would immigrants from the socialist states South of the Border?

Email Gillespie and ask him.