Razib On Crotty`s Cow-Centric Theory Of History
May 26, 2008, 05:55 PM
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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon on Google Books part of When Histories Collide by the late Irish farmer turned economist Raymond Crotty. This book, unfinished up on the author`s death in 1994, presents a cattle-centered history of the world, with an emphasis on the deep roots of individualistic capitalism in Western Europe. It`s of particular interest because it marks an early milestone in including divergent recent evolution in history —Crotty focuses closely upon the vast consequences of the emergence of a mutation for lactose tolerance, allowing adults to drink milk in some parts of the world. At GNXP, Razib has summarized the book—it doesn`t quite live up to its ambitions, but it deserves to be much better known in the U.S. than it is.