Radio Derb Is On The Air
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October 20, 2012, 07:16 PM
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This week`s broadcast is up on iTunes and Taki`s Magazine.  Topics:

  • Will blacks riot if Obama loses?
  • The second debate: body language, picayune demands, skewed facts, and an irritating usage.
  • The second debate: immigration in clichés.
  • Angela does Greece.
  • The case against European unity.
  • The Germans are German.
  • New York goes up.
  • The Japanese are cheap ? and so are we!
  • Spacesuits and flip-flops.
  • THE romantic Italian opera.

Sample, from the second segment:

Obama also skewed facts about himself, in a way now so routine nobody notices it any more. "I was raised by a single Mom," he said, as he`s said often before. We-e-ell: Obama was born in 1961. His mother was single from January 1964 to March 1965, a total of one year and two months. She was otherwise married until Obama went to college. It`s true that his father wasn`t around much. It`s also true, though, that his mother seems not to have been terribly interested in him; Obama was mostly raised by his grandparents. All right, it`s a small point, but irritating.

Not half as irritating, though, as Obama`s habit of referring to human beings in the plural as "folks." I just went through the debate transcript counting occurrences of the word "folks." There were 22 altogether, with the breakdown: Obama 17, Romney 3, moderator 2. So Obama is nearly six times as völkisch as Romney. I`ll leave you to research for yourselves the history of the völkisch movement.

Obama isn`t alone with this usage. It`s chronic among our politicians, and not just among the lefties. Pat Buchanan, for example, says "folks" a lot. Could you all cut it out, please? We understand it`s meant to signal your solidarity with the common man, as you ride in your chauffered limousine from one 15-bedroom mansion to another, but it just comes over to me as condescending and phony.