Quote Of The Day: "Put Aside Their Differences And Focus On What`s Really Important—Hating White People!"
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September 02, 2009, 05:44 PM
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It`s time that African-Americans and Korean-Americans put aside their differences and focus on what`s really important: hating white people! —Margaret Cho
More than 36,000 Americans died in the Korean War so that Margaret Cho`s parents could have the freedom come to America.

Unfortunately, they did not quite make it to America, but ended up in San Francisco, where it`s normal to make that kind of joke. Cho [Email her] is being foolish here—most white people like Koreans. Most blacks hate Koreans, and frequently abuse them verbally and physically. And the differences between a group that works 18 hours a day in convenience stores to put its children through college so they can become surgeons, and group that derives a large part of its income from welfare, are not the kind that can be put away easily.