Promotional: My New Column For The AMERICAN SPECTATOR
February 13, 2014, 03:28 PM
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I have just signed up for a new gig as twice-monthly book reviewer for the American Spectator blog (or possibly the The American Spectator blog—I have mislaid my style book).

The column is titled “Shelf Life,” and my mid-February contribution is here: a review of Noson Yanofsky’s The Outer Limits of Reason.

The Spectator editors have generously allowed me to pick my own books for review.  I have found from experience over the years, though (actually <gulp> decades) that book reviewing is a good way to learn things I didn`t know before, so I`ve asked them to send me some books out of left fieldI mean, nothing to do with math, China, Italian opera, the National Question, or the human sciencesif they think I might have something to say about them.