Obama quits Trinity United Church of Christ
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The AP reports:

Barack Obama said Saturday he has resigned his 20-year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago "with some sadness" in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and more recent fiery remarks at the church by a visiting priest. ...

"This was one I didn't see coming," Obama said Saturday when he [was] asked if he had anticipated the firestorm that would erupt over his relationship with Wright.

Huh? "This was one I didn't see coming?" What kind of would-be President of the United States wouldn't see this one coming? Heck, I saw it coming for him in March 2007.

Of course, the latest Trinity brouhaha doesn't directly concern Wright, it involves a well-known far leftist Catholic priest, Michael Pfleger, who was invited to preach at Trinity by Wright's successor Otis Moss III. A month ago, Obama said of Moss, ”Well, the new pastor, the young pastor, Reverend Otis Moss, is a wonderful young pastor.”

As I've said, Obama is running a Karl Rove style campaign designed to do the absolute minimum to get him 51% of the Democratic vote and 51% of the general election vote.
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