NRO's Labor Day Pieces Asks "Why Haven't Wages Grown?" DOESN'T MENTION IMMIGRATION
September 04, 2017, 08:03 PM
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NRO has a Labor day piece mulling over the mystery of why wages aren't rising despite recent rosy economic news. [Why Aren’t Wages Growing? by Robert VerBruggen, September 4, 2017]

What's striking to me is that there is NO mention of immigration. We are taking in over a million immigrants a year who are largely unskilled and poorly educated. Surely this must have SOME effect on wage rates. Well, NRO doesn't seem to think so because they don't even mention it. This happens in the legal world. When a court issues its latest absurd ukase that ignores precedent or the constitution or both, it will often simply ignore the criticisms altogether in its rulings.

Why? Because any address of the issue simply makes them look really bad so they choose to ignore it altogether.

That's what NRO is doing here.