Not a White Hispanic: Google`s Artists Conception Of Cesar Chavez
March 31, 2013, 12:30 PM
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The Google Guys aren`t really into Easter, so for today`s Google Doodle, they`re celebrating the birthday of Cesar Chavez by putting up a picture of somebody or other. Apparently, Google doesn`t have any photos of Cesar Chavez on file, so they had to go with an artist`s conception of what Chavez must have looked like.
 Not a White Hispanic: Google Cesar Chavez
Artist`s conception of Cesar Chavez
(Chavez`s photo unavailable on Internet)
It`s a funny illustration of how the union boss`s birthday has transmogrified into a racial holiday. In reality, the California-born Chavez was a pretty typical-looking Mexican-American of his generation, as illustrated by how he looked rather like the Texas-born golfer Lee Trevino. 
Cesar Chavez
Lee Trevino

Over the decades, Mexicans in the U.S. have been getting more Indio-looking as the more recent immigration is from farther south in Mexico.