MLK Day Bomb Case: Have ADL, $PLC and FBI Merged?
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Huge celebrations have broken out on the Left because Kevin William Harpham, arrested on Wednesday morning in rural Washington State and accused of an ineffectual bombing attempt aimed at the Spokane MLK Day Parade, may have some history as a man of the Right: Suspect Charged in Attempted MLK Day Bombing By William Yardley The New York Times March 9, 2011

None of us at of course have any special knowledge of this story—I did not even notice the incident although I was watching the news that day. We can be confident, though, that no one plausibly accused of this background can hope for due process or justice in the Pacific North West. The area has an established tradition of crazily politicized law enforcement from the Ruby Ridge atrocity to the current bizarre story of Edgar Steel (see here and here and here).

Of course after the amazingly energetic attempt to fasten the Giffords shooting on American Renaissance, the Left’s lust for repression has been palpable.

But the Harpham news flow so far appears to support a disturbing possibility the Giffords event suggested: that truly massive Government surveillance of right wing and Conservative websites is underway and is being immediately shared with Left vigilante groups like the ADL and SPLC.

Harpham was arrested late in the morning of Wednesday East Coast time. Within a few hours hugely detailed accounts of a faint alleged involvement with the National Alliance and his postings on the message boards of Vanguard News Network were appearing: for instance Alleged MLK Day Terrorist Apparently Has neo-Nazi Ties By David Holthouse Mediamatters for America March 09, 2011 and (really detailed) Did MLK Day Bomb Suspect Leave Online Trail Of Hate? Eric Lach TPMMuckraker March 10, 2011

So much work was involved here it must have been done before the arrest.

As I pointed out in ADL Loughner Analysis RevealingAbout ADL As Well the speed with which the Giffords gunman's pseudonym on a website most had previously never heard of became known to the ADL was astonishing. The certainty with which the (actually very scholarly) ADL paper on him discussed these postings surpassed anything which enterprising Googlers had established when it was published

Very likely a correspondent I subsequently reported is correct:

The simplest explanation is most likely the real one: The FBI gave the information to the ADL, they have an official working alliance and the ADL also teaches Federal, State, and Local LEO about the dangers of Whitey.

The same goes, obviously, for the $PLC. (They could afford to do the surveillance themselves, but they have Hedge Funds to support.)

Peter Brimelow was obviously right not to have comment threads on

Where is Frank Church when we need him?

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