Mexicans Love Jesus Art (Particularly When It`s Made of Cocaine)
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May 29, 2008, 11:21 PM
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Mexicans are so darn inventive when it comes to smuggling. They have stuck a girl in a pinata, crammed a woman into a dashboard and encased a man in a car seat. Is there anything they won`t do to smuggle people and drugs into America?

Of course not—they`re Mexicans! Crime (organized and otherwise) is powerful in Mexico. When the government battles the drug cartels, the government loses.

The latest colorful border seizure is a statue of Jesus made out of cocaine...

Drug traffickers mixed as much as six pounds of the illicit white powder into a paste and used it to make a regal statue of the Christian savior, complete with painted-on flowing hair and a gold cape.

Smugglers were likely hoping the statue, which could be worth as much as $30,000 on the streets, would be dismissed by border guards as just another of the hundreds of plaster representations hawked to borderland tourists.

But a dog trained to sniff out drugs confirmed it was anything but another religious memento. [Drug dealer`s wait for Jesus denied by federal agents, Houston Chronicle, May 29, 2008]

The occasion is a perfect time for an update of the popular song, Plastic Jesus.

I don`t care if it rains or freezes, `Long as I got my Cocaine Jesus Riding in the trunk space of my car. Across the border into Texas I`ll be buying a brand new Lexus. With my Cocaine Jesus I`ll go far.

(Here`s Paul Newman`s low-key version of Plastic Jesus in Cool Hand Luke.)