Meatpackers:No Wall Between Us And Cheap Labor
April 08, 2006, 12:57 AM
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Creekstone Farms Premium Beef [contact them] is closing on Monday " to honor its predominately Hispanic workforce."

Here`s what their head of Cheap Labor Recruitment had to say:

"We really agree with the perspective of the Hispanic community," said Rusty Wright, the company`s director of human resources. "We don`t like the proposed law, especially building the wall."

He said that the closure was an attempt by the corporation to influence the political process by getting it`s hundreds of foreign-born workers out in the streets, (I`m paraphrasing):

Wright said about 75 percent of Creekstone`s 750 employees are Hispanic, and the company decision to close down Monday is to encourage their participation in peaceful protest to HR 4437.

"There is a lot of mixed opinions on this controversial bill," Wright said. "I don`t think we mind having our opinion."

Kevin Pentz, Creekstone`s operations director, said Creekstone`s largest asset is its employees. "When you have 75 percent of our employees who are Hispanic, you have to support that endeavor," he said of the protest.[Creekstone closes a day for Hispanics, By Foss Farrar,Arkansas City Traveler, April 7, 2006]

Meatpacking used to be a job Americans would do; it used to pay more than it does now.