"Lots Of Long-Legged Fashion Models Come From These Countries"—Girls Of The Dinaric Alps
April 01, 2013, 03:31 PM
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Steve Sailer`s post Tallest Men in Europe, based, of course on Pineau, Jean-Claude, Paul Delamarche, and S. Bozinovic. "Average height of adolescents in the Dinaric Alps]." Comptes rendus biologies 328.9 (2005), contained the fascinating and suggestive phrase "Lots of long-legged fashion models come from these countries." 

Do they really? In fact, they do. A list of the most successful Croatian models includes this impressive picture of Adrijana Dejanovic. Miss Dejanovic is 179 CM tall. (5` 10" 1/2.)

Adrijana Dejanovic, 179 cm tall

This picture of Helena Sopar displays the same morphology:


Ms. Sopar is 5`9.5 / 177.

Korina Longin, pictured sideways, is 175 CM.

Korina Longin, 175 CM

The long-leggedness of Croatian models is so reliable that in a case like this Elle cover of Kristina Sajko, where we can`t even see her legs, we can assume their length. (I have faith in stereotypes.)The editors of Elle simply didn`t have room for them. Ms. Sajko is 5` 8 1/2.

Kristina Sajko

This is a limited, carefully selected sample, of course, but as John Derbyshire had occasion to remark, "data" actually is the plural of "anecdote."