Look Out! Bush Likes The Pence Plan!
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If you need more proof that the Mike Pence "compromise" Plan is a bad idea, here's Exhibit G:

President Bush likes it!

(See also Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit E)

Earlier this week, Congressman Pence met with the Prez and shared his plan for immigration reform—in a press conference later that day, he made this observation:

"The president listened intently," Pence told reporters. "He told me that he was intrigued with my proposal."

[Immigration Deadlock Revisited; Fear of Voter Backlash Prompts GOP Senators to Consider House's Tougher Bill by Shailagh Murray and Charles Babington Washington Post 6/30/06]

No doubt the President is looking to Mike Pence for a pseudo-compromise bill that stands a chance in Hell of making it through the House.

While he managed to strong-arm Senators Specter and Frist into passing that rancid Senate amnesty proposal, he is having no such luck with Hastert, Tancredo & Co. House Leaders are determined to take the debate to the streets for public input before they draft or pass any new bill.

I love them...especially Congressman Tancredo. For that matter, I love Mike Pence—I just hate his bill.

By the way, I didn't skip Exhibit F in my aforementioned list of evidence—that would be my column tonight!

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