Logo Contest: Open Borders Boys Get What They`re Asking For, Good And Hard
Thumb sailer
August 12, 2013, 03:09 AM
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Over at the Open Borders logo contest, the organizers have had to close the borders because all the cleverest logos were being submitted by satirists. It`s almost as if human beings are happier when their communities are allowed to regulate who is allowed in ...
Here`s a recent entry that was, apparently, sincere enough to avoid being deported.
Bryan Caplan 
I think it would be really cool if someone could incorporate the familiar hue and texture of a green traffic light into the design. It`s the international symbol of "You`re free to go," after all.
Alexandria Fraga 
Gave the traffic light suggestion a shot. 


Or, then again, this may be yet another reductio ad absurdum — Let`s use Open Borders to spread Mexico City-style driving to the whole world! — that the Open Borders boys are too naive to notice.
Another subversive Open Borders logo that hasn`t yet been rounded up by La Migra and kicked out of the contest page due to the sponsors` terminal unworldliness is:
Trust me, you do not want to look up the photographic original for this adaptation of a disgusting meme.
Previous (intentionally or unintentionally) ironic Open Borders logos are archived here.