It`s those Virginians again...
November 23, 2005, 03:30 AM
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Virginia men in the form of George Washington severed America`s link with Great Britain, and in the form of Robert E. Lee almost severed the link between the South and the North. Now, according to CNN, a "Virginia man" intended to sever George W. Bush from America. [Would-be Bush assasin could face life November 23 2005]

Watch out for this terminological outrage, noted by my brother in February, over the next few days. Abu Ali`s only resemblence to Robert E. Lee was in wearing a beard (and that has the wrong color).

To be fair to CNN, they did subsequently in their account describe Abu Ali as "Arab-American".

So why not do that from the start?

A good way of avoiding these problems, of course, is not to have Muslim/Arab immigrants in the first place.

Stephen Steinlight, please call home!