It`s Miller Crime:Denial
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September 05, 2006, 12:59 AM
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The Boycott of Miller Brewing is apparently causing headaches for their marketing executives. So they are doing what many criminals do when caught: deny wrongdoing. (thanks to a reader for pointing out this link):

Miller Brewing Co. on Friday denied providing financial help for a planned march in Chicago supporting illegal immigrants, but a newspaper report of the firm`s involvement in a controversial political issue could create marketing headaches for the Milwaukee brewer.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Miller had paid more than $30,000 for "a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads" connected to this weekend`s "Immigrant Workers Justice Walk."

Not so, Miller spokesman Peter J. Marino said.

"The money supported a recent convention on immigration issues in Chicago, which provided attendees with information on how to become legally naturalized citizens of the U.S.," he said.

I think that folks like Marino have spent too much time in a corporate world where prevarication is all too common. Promoting mass immigration over the wishes of the American public doesn`t seem to strike him as problematic. Well, the simple fact is that I really doubt Miller will ever win the brand loyalty of Mexicans-who can purchase several fine brands of Mexican beer that to many folks taste better than anything Miller makes. I think that Miller will in time truly regret ever having alienated a substantial block of their traditional customer base this way.