In The Fight Between Obama And The Chamber Of Commerce...
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In the fight between Obama and the Chamber Of Commerce, the Chamber are the good guys, and Obama is the bad guy.

That is not to say that we love the Chamber Of Commerce here at—while it is certainly true that they have created many more jobs for Americans than the President has, they don't seem to want to give them Americans. They want to give them to immigrants. Rob Sanchez pointed this out in February, 2009:

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s reaction to a limited set of stricter rules for banks hiring foreign workers answers a bar debate that long has raged. The question has always been whether if we had another Great Depression would the Chamber still continue to lobby for more foreign workers on the basis of worker shortages. This week, the debate is settled. YES, THEY WOULD!It’s Official — U.S. Chamber Would Lobby for Foreign Workers During a Depression

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