Immigration Debate Update: Specter Says Amnesty Is A Code Word...A What?
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March 29, 2006, 11:14 PM
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Don`t let anyone say the the Specter bill doesn`t address border security!

Just now on the Senate floor, the Senator from Pennsylvania said:

"We have provided for border security...we have provided for a "virtual fence"...unmanned drones will patrol the border."

Whew! I feel better knowing that nobody is patrolling!!

As far as the illegal immigration situation in the U.S., Specter said:

"Illegal immigration is a problem, it`s always going to be a problem so long as there are jobs here to draw them." robbers...they`re a problem, they`re always going to be a problem so long as there is money in banks.

Sheesh...get this guy to zip it already.

P.S. Specter says "amnesty" is a "code word" used to frighten people. No Senator, "guest worker plan" is a code word for "amnesty."