Illegal Labor and the Doane`s Report
January 17, 2007, 10:31 PM
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On my recent trip to Oklahoma I visited the family farm (which, by the way, employs no illegal aliens). My dad gave me a recent issue of "Doane`s Agricultural Report". [not online]In the Doane`s issue of December 15th, 2006, Washington editor Rich Pottorff discusses the recent raids on the Swift meatpacking plants which detained 1,300 illegal aliens. Here`s what Pottorf had the gall say about the matter:

"The raid on the meatpacking plants illustrates the importance of immigrant workers (both legal and illegal) to agriculture and reinforces the importance of immigration legislation."

Let`s see. In 1980 the average salary for a meatpacker was $19 an hour. But now, the going rate has dropped to $9 an hour. So when will Rich Pottorf think we have enough meatpackers? When the wages have dropped even lower?

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