Hispanic Homophobia...25 Years Later
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October 18, 2005, 04:51 AM
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A month ago, I noted that that Hispanics are, shall we say, overly sensitive to suggestions that they may be homosexual.

Anyone who makes a reference to the possibility that a Hispanic may be gay should be ready to defend himself whether it’s true or not.

As it happens, an example n my hometown of Lodi, CA. more than twenty-five years ago has just resurfaced, thanks to the law`s delay.

Rick Ortega, then nineteen, persuaded his cousin Michael Angelo Morales to kill Tokay High School Senior, Terri Lynn Winchell.

When police found Winchell’s body in a vineyard north of Lodi, she had been robbed, raped and stabbed. Police records indicate that Winchell had been hit in the head 23 times with a hammer.

Winchell’s offense? She had dated Ortega’s male lover and had told her friends he was gay.

In 1983, Ortega was sentenced to life without parole; Morales received the death penalty. It may finally be carried out in March, 2006. (“Murderer of Lodi Girl Could Face March Execution,” Layla Bohm, Lodi News-Sentinel, October 13, 2005)