High-Achieving Nonwhites Of New America:The Mathew Martoma Case, By the (Ethnic) Numbers
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February 07, 2014, 03:49 PM
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Over at Above the Law, David Lat breaks down the recent insider-trading conviction of Martoma a former Harvard law student who once forged his academic transcript. [The Mathew Martoma Case, By The Numbers, February 8, 2014]

What impressed me was how well the case and its players represent what I`ll call the high-achieving nonwhites of New America.

Defendant Mathew Martoma:  Indian (dot not feather)

  • U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara:  Indian (dot not feather)
  • Defense Attorney Roberto Braceras:  White Hispanic
  • Attorney Marc Mukasey:  Jewish
  • David Lat:  Filipino
Braceras is the son-in-law of Jose Cabranes, a federal circuit court judge, and Mukasey is the son of former Attorney General Michael Mukasey.  Martoma`s employer, SAC Capital, was sprinkled with Steinbergs and Cohens.  And so on.

The prosecution itself—that of an Indian-American by an Indian-American—reminds me of Italian-American Rudy Giuliani going after Italian mobsters.

This ethnic mix reveals the ascendant power players of today:  Jewish, Indian, Asian, some white.  Absent are blacks and Hispanics (unless, of course, they`re Caucasians bearing Spanish names) and your more standard-issue, non-exotic whites (straight, Christian, Midwestern, etc.)

Note how these players build the same generational power-passing once practiced by WASPs—but which of course do not catch the same criticism.

Read the alumni magazine of any Ivy League school and you`ll see the same pattern:  Josh Weinstein marries Grace Wu, over and over.