Gregory Rodriguez: Americans No Longer `Ugly` Now That They`re Not White
January 15, 2011, 04:52 AM
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The LA Times` Gregory Rodriguez is relieved that the "ugly American" abroad is vanishing. [Op-Ed: From ugly to just plain American |Diversity stateside, the weak dollar and the rise of other global powers have changed how U.S. visitors act overseas and how Europeans see them. By Gregory Rodriguez, January 10, 2011]

But what he really means is that he`s glad Americans abroad—like Americans in general—are no longer white.

(A helpful list of Rodriguez`s code words for "white": brutish, ethnocentric, bumbling, wide-eyed, middle class, culturally entitled. Imagine those adjectives being attached to anyone else.)

And if they do happen to be white, they`re used to dealing with non-English speakers behind counters.

Hey— I`m annoyed by that ever-present throng of Japanese tourists with their cameras, shuffling shoulder-to-shoulder and robotically taking pictures of every world destination—and never appearing to actually enjoy or appreciate any of it—but Rodriguez would never call them "ugly Japanese", I`m sure.

Says Rodriguez, "Far from projecting an image of narrow-minded superiority, Americans abroad today are more reflective of the country`s expanding diversity and cultural sophistication. They come from a broader array of backgrounds and traditions. Many still have strong ties to homelands around the globe."

In other words, they`re simply less American. "Cultural sophistication", you see, simply means having a language other than English and a race other than white. "We" new Americans are poorer, darker, and stripped of our buoyancy.

This is something to celebrate? That`s like celebrating illegal aliens returning to Mexico... because America is turning into the same crappy barrio. Now that`s ugly.