Good News For McCain Challenger J.D. Hayworth—He`s Depressing Jacob Weisberg
July 14, 2010, 07:17 AM
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Very good news for John McCain primary challenger J.D. Haysworth—he`s depressing Jacob Weisberg, who writes in Slate:
I`ve stopped reading news about John McCain for the same reason I tune out the daily updates on Afghanistan and the BP oil spill: It`s just too damned depressing....In the last few months, McCain has flipped his position on dropping the military`s anti-gay "don`t ask, don`t tell" policy, soft-pedaled his support for climate-change legislation, and dropped his support for humane, comprehensive immigration reform. In just the past week, he has come out against Elena Kagan`s Supreme Court nomination on the lamest of grounds and defended Arizona`s ugly anti-immigrant law against challenge by the Justice Department.
(The Saddest Senator, Slate, July 10-12, 201O, links in original).

Weisberg is, of course, the Grand Panjandrum Editor of Slate, the Washington Post`s ponderous PC attempt to adapt to the internet. And therefore he has no excuse to stop reading news for any reason: it`s his job.

But I think that here he`s being honest—which seems to be (I hope I say this with Christian compassion) hard for him.

I gave Weisberg a boot recently in connection in my article �Redneckophobia�? Why Obama Is Attacking Arizona. I referred back to my critique of his mendacious review of Alien Nation. At that time, I wrote:

My theory: Weisberg is a type, common in New York, whose verbal slickness exceeds his intellectual powers. Faced with an argument that disturbs him emotionally, he compulsively lies about it, like a lunatic exposing himself to a nubile woman.
(This was too daring for National Review editor John O`Sullivan, who would only publish a bowdlerized version. Alas, Bill Buckley threw O`Sullivan under the bus anyway.)

I didn`t expect Weisberg to respond to my critique, both because immigration enthusiasts never do respond to criticism and because, well, it`s unanswerable. But to my surprise he tweeted:

Peter Brimelow, you`re a crank and a bigot. P.S. Your cranky, bigoted website has reprinted my work without permission
A silly response, needless to say—I`d rather be editor of a cranky, bigoted website than a boring, treasonous one. And our posting of Weisberg`s childish review comports exactly with intenet fair usage. Or is he he ashamed of it?

But what is really significant here is the uncontrollable emotion that Weisberg`s silly abuse betrays. You can be arrested for DWI—Driving While Intoxicated. Weisberg is PWH—pontificating while hysterical.