Getting Stopped by a Sheriff`s Deputy
August 08, 2010, 02:28 AM
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My family and I just returned from our second trip to Mexico this summer vacation. We drove there the first time (when I was profiled by a Mexican immigration agent), spent several weeks, then returned, bringing my wife`s parents for a visit. (They had a nice time). A month later we returned to Mexico and spent a few more weeks. Then my wife and sons and I returned to the U.S.

Last night, on our return trip, we were driving down the highway back in the U.S., not far from our destination. It was night. I was stopped by a policeman (a sheriff`s deputy, to be precise) who informed me that the little lights that illuminate my license plate were out. The officer didn`t give me a ticket, but he did take my driver`s license back to his car and run a check on me, to see if I had an arrest record. I don`t, so he let me go with a warning to get those lights fixed.

No big deal, right? But, if a police officer can run a background check on me, an American citizen, what on earth is wrong with a police officer running a background check on somebody who is stopped (for whatever reason) to verify legal residence? After all, that was the essence of Arizona`s SB 1070.

Why is it OK to demand ID and run a background check on an American citizen, but it`s a horrible injustice to demand ID and run a background check on an illegal alien?