Follow Up On Paul Nachman`s Montana Hearing Report
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September 02, 2006, 02:11 PM
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Regarding my September 1blog entry:

1. My photo didn`t come through very clear, [click here for the large version]and it wasn`t captioned. So I should point out that it shows Congressman Tancredo, in appealingly informal attire, talking with a member of the audience a few minutes before the hearing started. He threw on a sports coat for the actual proceedings.

2. A couple of correspondents have objected that the Hamilton newspaper`s article mentioned Eugene McCarthy but should have said Joe McCarthy. That`s what I had tried to imply.

3. In an email to me, VDARE`s Steve Sailer wrote, "[Eugene] McCarthy`s strong showing in the 1968 New Hampshire primary led to LBJ [Lyndon Johnson] deciding to retire rather than run again. That`s a pretty good analogy for the relationship between Tancredo and Bush." ( The analogy includes the fact that McCarthy did well by running against Johnson on the Viet Nam war, while Tancredo is leading the efforts against Bush`s knavery on immigration.) I wish Steve`s point had ocurred to me. Of course, Johnson could have run again and Bush can`t, so the political leverage on Bush may be much less.

4. In one-on-one conversation with Tancredo, I told him that Montana State Representative Roger Koopman, a conservative Republican campaigning for re-election in a district near Bozeman, had written me, "What has been encouraging is that many of the people I`m meeting at the doorsteps bring up the immigration issues and are VERY concerned. On the state level, they want Montana to get out in front on this. "

Tancredo said to me, "I know! It`s everywhere! My inlaws [wife`s parents] live in Billings, and people regularly call them up—knowing their connection to me—reporting problems with illegal aliens and asking them to do something!"