Failure To Report On Race...Again
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September 23, 2007, 05:53 AM
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You know what would be a really useful thing to know in this story of interracial violence at a Lancaster, California school? The races of the students involved. Since this story is about nothing but race, it seems to be the first thing you`d ask. According to, the school is 47% Hispanic or Latino, 29% African American, not Hispanic and 19% White, not Hispanic.

LA Daily News - Lancaster school hikes security after racially-charged fight BY KAREN MAESHIRO, Staff Writer Article Last Updated: 09/22/2007 01:00:54 AM PDT

LANCASTER - Security has been beefed up at Cole Middle School after a racially motivated fight that injured two teachers who tried to break it up, officials said Friday.

Three students were arrested, one on suspicion of assault and battery on a school official and the two others for fighting on campus, following the Thursday morning dust-up. They also were suspended from school, pending expulsion hearings.

A handful of other students who watched the fight and egged on the participants received five-day suspensions, officials said.

The incident started as an argument between between two eighth-grade boys and escalated into violence when one of them uttered a racial slur, said Roberto Villa, superintendent of the Eastside Union School District. The third boy got involved to back up his friend.

A female teacher who tried to stop the fight was pushed down and kicked, Villa said. A second teacher was punched when he came to help.