Eminem`s New Target
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November 24, 2004, 04:00 AM
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If you read Bryanna Bevens` recent column, you know that white rapper Eminem got in deep trouble for insulting Michael Jackson, and was accused of being "racist."

His new target is less controversial; in conjunction with some anti-American leftists, he`s attacking the President of the United States. (I know, I know, you might have heard some criticism of Mr. Bush on VDARE.COM, but trust me, this is different.)

In any event, it`s a hell of a note when you realize that he`ll get in less trouble for attacking the President, and by the way, everyone else in the Red States, than he would for attacking Michael Jackson.

[Guerrilla News Network`s] previous effort with Eminem, the "White America" video, didn`t make it past the internet for its graphic indictment of the middle America. Inaba said he was optimistic that this would represent a change. Eminem`s "Mosh" Video Disses President

By Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, October 25, 2004

As for the commercially unsuccessful "White America" video, it`s own producers described it as a  "profane anti-American rant," which should give you a hint that he`s not criticizing the President in the patriotic spirit of Pat Buchanan.