Emergency Message To VDARE.com Readers From Peter Brimelow
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Dear Readers,

A few minutes ago, the VDARE Foundation was kicked off of Paypal without warning.

We were given no reasons, so are left to speculate why we've been suddenly purged. Best guess: the Charlottesville debacle — in which VDARE.com played no part, either in planning, promoting or appearing — is being used as an excuse for the authoritarian Communist Left to punish anyone who disagrees with their anti-American violence against patriotic people.

Luckily, we were prepared for this and the disruption will be minimal.

But this is only the beginning. Despite the increasingly hysterical news cycle, despite the scenes of brutality on the streets of so many major cities, despite the fever-pitch that it all seems to have reached, this is only the beginning.

We need your help desperately. We need it now.

It is impossible to predict on what level we will be attacked next. We must have the resources to defend ourselves and our people.

Whatever you can afford to give, please, now is the is time to give it.


1. Credit cards can still be processed at the usual place, vdare.com/contribute. To make a credit card donation now, please go there.

NB: You will need to submit the credit card form twice in order for it to go through. After the first submission, you will get an error message requesting a resubmission. That error is Paypal refusing to process our credit card transactions. Upon resubmission your credit card will be processed through our backup system, and should go through without a hitch.

2. Cryptocurrency is increasingly popular and we accept many forms. Wallet information for the most popular—Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin—are listed below. For other currencies, please email Lydia at [email protected].

Bitcoin: 3N1azzevDjZSjorCdLaQgBCBXZzGm7ku5R

Ethereum: 0xc62767F197aA9ED9F80dC9cD5DD0A0decFB357A0

Litecoin: LYfZs4ZgwPXdDSrZ5Mv9cJMX2ktDLGkoFr

For America,

Peter Brimelow



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