DREAM Act Quote Of The Day: "Arguing...That He And His Descendants Should Enjoy, In Apparent Perpetuity, A Legal Advantage Over My Descendants And Me"
December 18, 2010, 03:43 AM
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This is from the American Spectator, in the distant past of 1996:

"At an editorial meeting last spring, while sitting across the table from the representative for a coalition of minority contractors intent on defending government `set-aside` programs, I found myself pondering the man`s appearance, and eventually being annoyed by it. The problem: He and I were outwardly interchangeable. His skin tone was light. He spoke American English with no trace of accent. He dressed like most professionals and seemed to earn a comfortable income. He was a modestly successful, mainstream, native-born American indistinguishable from most others of that description. Yet there he was, arguing without a hint of self-consciousness that he and his descendants should enjoy, in apparent perpetuity, a legal advantage over my descendants and me. The reason: his ancestors hailed from Mexico, whereas mine came from Europe." [Sorry, Emma Lazarus, By Vincent Carroll, American Spectator, March 1996(pay archive)]

Of course, if the guy looked that white, his ancestors came from Europe too, from a country called Spain. Apparently many people don`t understand that "Hispanic" doesn`t automatically mean "not white."

However, that`s not why I`m posting this, it`s because, as Dana Rohrabacher put it, the  DREAM Act is really the "Affirmative Action Amnesty Act"—every single illegal legalized under this thing will also enjoy, in "apparent perpetuity, a legal advantage" over your descendants.