Dr. Dean Edell On Mexican Produce
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Brenda Walker's blog about Mexican produce reminds me of something Dr. Dean Edell wrote in 1999. I sent this to Peter Brimelow years ago, before I started working here.
One reason you are getting these stomach bugs is that increasing quantities of our food come from foreign countries, where agriculture and foodhandllng standards are different. Call it the revenge of the global economy. As we ask people to eat more fruit and vegetables, we must expand our imports from abroad. More than one-third of all cantaloupes, three -quarters of green onions, and nearly all cucumbers grown in Mexico are sold in the United States. During some seasons, 70 percent of the produce in your local grocery store came from south of the border. You no longer have to travel to get traveler's diarrhea; it's traveling to you. [Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, by Dr. Dean Edell, 1999]
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