Does The Treason Lobby Smell Victory?
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I have been contemplating Steve Sailer’s squashing of Matthew Yglesias in Logic in Soros and Sailer Land – Nowitzki Means US Should Continue To Accept Millions Of Short Immigrants(Apparently the Sandler reference is to Herb and Marion Sandler, who along with George Soros partially fund Yglesias’ base, the Center For American Progress):

because uniquely talented immigrants are useful, the logical implication is that the U.S. must continue to take in tens of millions of unskilled short guys with grade school educations. Got it!

As Steve is pointing out, only a faint veil of rationality is covering naked, priapic Open Borderism here. The same was true last Fall of Yglesias’ call to “revive” inner cities with massive immigration from the 3rd World.

This brings to mind the extraordinary catch earlier this month over at View From The Right NEOCON CHEERFULLY CONFIRMS THAT SHE WOULD LIKE "HALF THE WORLD" TO COME TO AMERICA


Alex K. writes:
Here's a podcast called "Left Coast/Right Coast" with Mickey Kaus and Jennifer Rubin, an amusing pair considering the one is only nominally a liberal and the other only nominally a conservative. I send it for their immigration discussion. Skip to about the 33 minute mark to hear Rubin cheerfully explain why it would not be a bad thing if half the world came to the U.S.
(When you click the link, the mp3 file will automatically start to be downloaded to your computer.)

LA replies:

Here is my transcription of the key exchange:

Rubin: My own view is not unlike Charles Krauthammer ... I want pre-1924 rules, which is that basically anyone who wants to come as long as he is not a criminal or a cretin can come in....
Kaus: Don't you think that if we had your rules, half the world would want to come to the United States?
Rubin: Well, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if half the world came.

This is the Jennifer Rubin who last year managed to write a 3,100 world essay in Commentary on the California disaster, and never mention immigration!.

(At the time I said:

Writing a discussion of the decline of California over the last 40 years and not saying one word about immigration is like writing an account of the European theater in WW2 and not considering the Eastern Front. Commentary’s Editor should be fired. Was he asleep? What Rubin tried to get away with was either profoundly incompetent or deeply dishonest

I had forgotten Commentary’s editor is Pod the Lesser, who based on his record is quite capable of being asleep on this issue and more than capable of banning it.)

When challenged on this omission by the Hoover Institute’s Peter Robinson, it became apparent Rubin was quite ignorant on the subject.

Subsequently she was rewarded with the plum position of “Conservative” blogger on The Washington Post. (There is a moral here.)

What kind of Conservative wants “half the world” to immigrate to their country?

Last Saturday, in Bloomberg Demands: Amnesty, Accelerated Immigration I noted the curious tactic of the Bloomberg Editorial Board in demonstrating that they fully understood and partially accepted several of the key arguments against Amnesty and mass immigration – but were going to demand it anyway.

Subsequently we have seen another Open Borders tantrum by Michael Bloomberg himself.

Adding this all up, it looks ominously as if the key leaders of the Treason Lobby have concluded they are going to win it all. They no longer need to meet arguments, disguise their intentions or modulate their rhetoric.

With the GOP leadership too stupid and cowardly to utilize Birthright Citizenship and the immigration issue generally, and their Presidential aspirants apparently more concerned to get Treason Lobby/MSM acceptance than approval from their own supporters – and Obama’s blatant and unchallenged (by them) abandonment of enforcement - you can see the logic.

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