Diversity is Strength...It`s also Cockfighting
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March 16, 2009, 08:33 PM
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Animal cruelty is a part of many immigrant cultures, as Brenda Walker has ably explained. But you never hear that mentioned in the MSM. That is why it`s such a pleasure to see that Monday`s Boston Globe has a lead story on the growing problem of cockfighting rings in Connecticut—and they didn`t bury the immigration dimension either (well, not too much).   The story also contains video.

This is unusual for the Boston Globe, which usually puts out an immigrant sob-story every week, such as the recent "Immigrants with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Face Hurdles."

I`m still waiting for PETA to make the link between immigration and animal cruelty. But this is a big (if temporary) step toward in immigration honesty for the Boston Globe. Congratulate Globe writer Kevin O`Brien (