Diggers Realm documents Phoenix Reconquista rally
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Diggers Realm has a valuable discussion Mexica Movement And Socialists Behind Illegal Alien Phoenix ‘March” May 29 [Pics]

Time and again the illegal aliens and their supporters make clear what their true goals are in the United States. It seems to all be falling on deaf ears though when it comes to the media. Mainly because whenever you mention Aztlan, Reconquista or the Mexica Movement, they are quick to try to make a joke or conspiracy theory out of it.

I too looked on it all as a joke years ago. Yeah right, there's an actual group of people trying to take over the US from within. The reality is that you really don't have to look too far though to realize that there is a movement. They are pretty open with it at all of their protests or marches.

DR has included 9 photographs of virulently anti-white posters from the rally, with such slogans as “White Racists Go Back to Europe”

An interesting aspect of this is that the meeting was apparently cheerfully addressed by Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix who has distinguished himself by sweeping denunciations of Arizona’s SB 1070 and indeed any immigration restraint as racist

What would have been his reaction to a demonstration with placards denouncing his friends for being Brown Reconquistas and suggesting he himself go back to the Shtetl?

Ask Mayor Gordon why white Americans don't matter.

Ask Mayor Gordon why white Americans don't matter.

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