College Republicans And RNC Treason
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Daniel McCarthy [send him mail] of the American Conservative has a good article on what passes for "conservative" among College Republicans these days. [GOP and Man at Yale, November 6, 2006]

I emailed him that I was very interested in his piece, and said gloomily"I presume they're all hopeless on immigration?"

He writes:

On the whole, they're not good on immigration, but there are some surprising pockets of resistance to the Bush line: several conservative student organizations have held, or tried to hold, "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" days, with a prize for anyone who apprehends a student playing an illegal. The College Republicans National Committee, and the RNC itself, has come down on at least one field organizer who tried to set up one of those events in Michigan—after Howard Dean complained, Ken Mehlman took the extraordinary step of denouncing the field organizer, and the CRNC later fired her. (Some details are here.)

Tell the RNC what you think of that here.

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