Chicago Tribune`s Eric Zorn unable to heed own advice
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August 21, 2007, 03:57 PM
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In his Aug. 15 online "Change of Subject" feature, Eric Zorn [Email]asked that the federal government leave the now-deported Elvira Arellano alone because it had a whole year to boot her back to Mexico but didn`t. Game over. She won. Move on, he wrote. Five days later, however, Zorn just couldn`t let go of the woman who came to symbolize the arrogance and disrespect illegal aliens have for our immigration laws and sovereignty, a spineless federal government unwilling to enforce same laws, equally gutless members of Congress who care far more about remaining in office than the future of this country, and a mainstream media painfully short of the skills needed to provide balanced coverage of this issue, Change of Subject, Vote: Four key questions about Elvira Arellano`s arrest, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 20, 2007:

Should Elvira Arellano have been arrested for breaking U.S. immigration law?

Should a church building provide sanctuary from the law?

Arellano`s 8-year-old son is a U.S. citizen. Should that make a difference in how her deportation case is handled?

Regardless of your personal feelings, do you think Arellano`s case will generate so much sympathy and passion among her supporters that she`ll become the Rosa Parks of the immigrant rights movement?

Memo to Zorn: Game over. Arellano lost. Move on.