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Black Suspect Charged In Tampa Murders Of Three Blacks And One White (Not Mass Shooting, Just A Black Serial Killer)
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November 29, 2017, 03:14 PM
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The photograph above is what NBC wants to appear in search results referencing their story Tampa killings: Suspect Howell Donaldson to be charged with murder by Alex Johnson and Tracy Connor. (Right is what it looks like in Firefox.)

Their story does not, however, use either the word black or the word white.

Here's a picture of the victims—three black and one white.

Benjamin Mitchell,  Monica Hoffa,  Anthony Naiboa,  Ronald Felton

This is another example of the "black serial killer" phenomenon, which some people seem to believe does not exist, possibly because nobody is going to make a movie about a black serial killer, unless it's something like Django Unchained, in which he's the hero.