An Illegal Alien Car Crash That Never Made The Papers
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I was talking recently to a cop in a small town in a northern state. The town has a lot of immigrants (both legal and otherwise) who work in local area farms. He told me they had a 16-year-old illegal Guatemalan kid who crashed into a parked car while driving drunk.

In an effort to get away, he sped off at high speed and managed to smash into a house. He was arrested and dragged off to jail.

Well, he had his trial a few months ago, and the defense attorney was quick to tell the judge to please reduce the charges against the kid because he was in the country illegally and a conviction would reduce his possibility of being granted amnesty or political asylum. (Lots of judges—and prosecutors—are willing to listen to that argument.) The kid’s illegal alien mother was with him there in court too.

The case never made the papers because of the kid’s status as a youthful offender. He likely didn’t have a driver’s license, was drinking underage, was drinking and driving, causing an accident, fleeing the scene of that accident, and causing another accident. For all this, he may not be punished. Illegal alien privilege!

I wonder how many cases like this happen every day across the country that don’t get reported on.

One reason this one could fly under the radar is that no one was killed, unlike many stories, reported right here on, where someone was:

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