AmRen`s Jared Taylor Triumphs In Charlotte?
February 01, 2011, 04:01 AM
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Jared Taylor apparently had a high old time time at his press conference in Charlotte, NC today—and, amazingly, still seems optimistic that American Renaissance`s Feb 4-6 conference will go ahead.

In obvious response to Taylor`s press conference, the hopelessly liberal Charlotte Observer editorialized, albeit with personal slurs, in his support:

"Democracy does not survive in any place where dissident ideas are silenced," Taylor said. He`s right on that, at least. It`s not [Charlotte Mayor pro tem] Cannon`s job or anyone else`s to deny American Renaissance its basic rights. Doing so has given this man from another century a visibility he never would have had.

Free speech covers all, even the primitive: White nationalist group shouldn`t be run out of town, Charlotte Observer, Jan 31. 2011.

The "primitive" Taylor is, of course, a graduate of Yale and the Institut d`?‰tudes Politiques de Paris and is fluent in French and Japanese.

Still, the Observer has to be given credit for dropping its previous insistence that Taylor was a "white supremacist". There`s a difference.

In a fair report, the Examiner`s Michael Tuggle provides an example of the primitive Taylor in action:

The reporter for Mi Gente asked Taylor if his group was white supremacist. He responded that the people of Japan or Israel or Mexico could be called �supremacist� because of those nations’ strict enforcement of immigration laws. Then he asked the reporter a question. �Your paper is called �Mi Gente,’ which means �my people.’ Who are your people?�

�Everyone,� she said, raising her hands in the air.

�Everyone?� Taylor asked.

The reporter shrugged. �The entire Latino community."

Taylor pounced on this. �And if you wanted to associate with your people, or hold a conference, do you think you would be allowed to do so here in Charlotte?�

The reporter busily scribbled notes.

Judging from the comment threads, Taylor’s message is reaching Americans, if not their ruling class.