A "Brooklyn man" Named "Maksim Gelman"? CBS News and AP Seek to Cover Up Nature of Yet Another Case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome (IMMS)
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February 13, 2011, 11:24 AM
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NEW YORK - A 23-year-old Brooklyn man accused of going on a wild stabbing rampage Friday and Saturday that killed four and wounded two others was finally caught in a tunnel in the New York City subway system Saturday morning.

Maksim Gelman is accused of first stabbing his stepfather, Aleksander Kuznetsov �numerous� times early Friday morning, according to the New York City Police Department.

Just 11 hours later, Gelman allegedly drove a few blocks away and stabbed his 20-year-old girlfriend Yelena Bulchenko, and her mother, 56-year-old Anna Bulchenko.

All three were found dead by police….

[Stabbing Rampage Suspect Caught in NYC Subway; Man Accused of Stabbing 5 People, Running Down Another With Car, 4 Dead in All; Captured in Subway Tunnel by Anonymous, Associated Press/CBS News, February 12, 2011]

According to police, Gelman stabbed three people to death; committed carjacking against Art DiCrescento, 60, whom he sought to stab to death; murdered a 62-year-old man by running him down with DiCrescento’s Pontiac; and committed attempted murder by slitting the throat of a 40-year-old passenger on a subway train, over 24 hours after starting his rampage. Police caught Gelman trying to escape by running down a subway tunnel, after jumping off the train.

Police charge that before Gelman stabbed the subway rider, he pounded on the motorman`s door, shouting,"My girlfriend ruined my life!"

By then the girlfriend, Yelena Bulchenko, had been dead for about 16 hours; the passenger is in critical condition.

Supplemented by an anonymous report in LALATE. (What is it, with these anonymous reports? Editors, give your reporters the credit they deserve!)

I guess now the feds will have to ban knives and girlfriends, at least for men.

For a wealth of information on Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome (IMMS), hit this link.