December 09, 2004, 04:00 AM
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Please welcome Carol Helm and I.R.O.N. (Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now!), a bi-partisan citizens group, to the growing coalition of patriotic activists.

I had the opportunity to hear Mrs. Helm, who lives in Tulsa, when she spoke at the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee`s weekly luncheon in Oklahoma City.

(Dr. David Yeagley frequently participates in these luncheons.)

This Middle American looks like she should be enjoying her retirement years going to church suppers or walking the links with her husband. Instead, she is spending her free time bravely spearheading a three-pronged effort in the Sooner State: to share the brutal truth about the enormous economic costs of illegal immigration; to expect that elected officials enforce current immigration laws; and to demand that benefits for illegals be stopped.

While I thought the estimate she gave for illegal immigrants (46,000) in Oklahoma low (Of course, who knows the real number?), I thought the part of her presentation that was especially effective was her reading of a portion of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, which notes that a person who transports, shelters, or helps an illegal alien obtain employment commits a felony. Mrs. Helms has been sending out a copy of the law, with a cover letter, to businesses, politicians, and even the evangelical mega-churches, which are ubiquitous in the Sooner State. You go, amiga!

Visit the I.R.O.N. web site: