Raoul Lowery Contreras Doesn`t Like Anonymous Attorney
November 19, 2010, 04:00 AM
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From: Raoul Lowery Contreras [Email him]

Anonymous lawyer, you are all f*cked up (That is such a glorious and on-point English word). You are guilty of felony stupidity. I`ll bet you never questioned the fact that 19% of American Combat arms are Hispanic (almost 98% Mexican American). You, being a slacker military duty avoider like Obama, deserve to be sentenced to life in prison for being felony stupid or to a lifetime of advocating in small claims court.

I am not anonymous, I am,

Raoul Lowery Contreras

San Diego

Semper Fi, *sshole!(This, too, is a glorious English word)

James Fulford writes: We`d like to know if Raoul (see here for previous VDARE.COM appearances) was sober when he wrote this. (Aside from the part we`ve added asterisks to, the word "glorious" was originally spelled "lgoriosu.") Further, we`d like to know which Anonymous Attorney post Raoul was objecting to, specifically.  We`d like to know where he gets his figures on Hispanic service members, since they seem to be all wrong.

We`d like to know why he thinks that Barack Hussein Obama, whose eighteenth birthday was August 4, 1979, can be considered a "military duty avoider" considering that the draft had been abolished when he was twelve, and none of his universities had ROTC.

Finally, we`d like to know why Raoul`s brief service in the USMC, [United States Marine Corps, Active and Reserve, 1959-1967, 491 Tank Battalion,4th Marine Division, Training and Operations (S-3), Honorably Discharged, Cpl.] which ended 43 years ago and   appears to have been conducted entirely at Camp Elliot, entitles him to make like he`s Chesty F*cking Puller.

We`d like to know these things, but not enough to actually ask him.