David Horowitz Protests That We`re Not Familiar With His Work, But We Are
January 27, 2013, 02:40 AM
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Black Skin PrivilegeRe: James Fulford’s blog post David Horowitz :"Guns Don`t Kill Black People, Other Blacks Do"—And Protesting Stop-And-Frisk Doesn`t Help

From: David Horowitz Email him

James Fulford writes

Patrick Cleburne`s post Guns Don`t Murder. A (Certain Type Of) Person Murders reminded me that neoconservative David Horowitz published an article in the liberal Salon magazine with, incredibly, a much stronger title:Guns don`t kill black people, other blacks do...
Why "incredible" that my title is stronger? You can`t be familiar with my work. Try this one I recently wrote, "Black Skin Privilege".

David Horowitz is the founding editor of FrontPageMag.com. His biography is here.

James Fulford writes: I am, in fact, familiar with Horowitz’s work, and generally an admirer of it. I have Radical Son and Destructive Generation on my shelves.

I also have a souvenir copy of Corporations and the Cold War, from his New Left, anti-Vietnam period, something he’s renounced and apologized for. If I ever get a chance to meet him, he can autograph it or tear it up and burn it, his choice.

I said "incredibly" because I thought that Horowitz represented the (pardon the expression) neoconservative point of view as opposed to Patrick Cleburne`s paleoconservatism. In this case neoconservatism represents the moderate middle ground between VDARE.com on one side and the NAACP and Eric Holder on the other.

 I also remembered—I really am familiar with this stuff—that he said back in the day that the title had been put on by Salon`s editors. (See I Need Your Help, By: David Horowitz,FrontPageMag, September 1, 2000)

I haven`t been following his recent work enough, however, and I`m not surprised that he’s been doing good work on the Trayvon Martin case, et cetera.  

You can buy "Black Skin Privilege" here.