An Illinois Reader Describes His Call To Jason Chaffetz`s Office
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December 03, 2011, 02:11 AM
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Re: James Fulford`s article Republican Legislators And The US Chamber Of Commerce Collude On Increasing Legal Immigration During Great Recession

From: Jerry In Illinois [Email him]

I just called Rep Jason Chaffetz’s office to complain about HR. 3012, and talked to a guy who says this bill doesn’t increase immigrants! He also says that American companies have to look for unemployed Americans first. I told him that all these companies and the Chamber Of Commerce want is more cheap labor. He almost came unglued when I said that. He also said that it’s a huge cost to American companies to hire Immigrants instead of Americans.

I think Rob Sanchez should give him a call. He’s armed with the facts and can’t be BSed like I can.

I also said we need a moratorium on immigration not more immigrants until unemployment is around 5%. He said that it’s just my opinion.

He said I was wrong on all accounts. I told him I have been out of work for over four years and he was unimpressed.

James Fulford writes: If it doesn`t increase immigrants, why is Tamar Jacoby cheering? It has to increase immigrants, because it`s designed to let in specific people who would be kept out by visa caps. It`s cheaper for companies to hire H1Bs because they`re paid lower wages, even if the companies` legal departments are kept busy.

And companies don`t really have to look forunemployed Americans first—that`s the kind of thing that`s been debunked repeatedly by Dr. Norm Matloff and Rob Sanchez.

One thing readers can do on phone calls like this is call from a phone next to your computer, and if a Congressional staffer says something that doesn`t sound right, you can Google it, or use the search box (above right) and get the real facts while you`re still talking.